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At Electricians Vista Ca, we are an experienced and highly-recommended electrical contractor serving the electrical needs of residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Vista, California. From new wiring to landscape lighting installation – we will handle it! We are specialists in the industry and installation of electrical systems. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest technologies, also as systems that are installed for years. service

With years of experience with electrical services, it’s no wonder that Vista’s home and business owners address Electricians Vista Ca for their indoor and outdoor lighting needs. We’ve highly qualified technicians who will handle commercial and residential lighting and voltages starting from low to 33,000 volts. You’ll rest assured that we are a reliable electrician in Vista you can trust. So contact us today and allow us to illuminate your residential, commercial, or industrial property with our services.

Our team has been delivering every customer with prompt response, on-time appointments, and a desire to bring back quaint service and quality. The service we provide to our customers is of the highest priority in our company. All the electrical materials we install for your project are going to be the best that is available.

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Offering Local Services In The Following Type Of Properties:

Once the competition caught thereon, solar power storage made an excellent investment better, and there was a rush on the battery market.

This has led to Electricians Vista Ca being dubbed as one of the best solar energy battery storage companies in CA…


If your existing fans aren’t getting the work done, contact us. You’ll get professional fan installation service from licensed electricians.

Installing a bathroom exhaust fan moves moisture and odors out of the toilet, eliminating murky mirrors as well as excess heat.


A breaker is an automatically operated switch designed to guard a circuit against damage caused by excess current from an overload or short.

So you may need a full circuit breaker replacement or just some parts. This should be considered when in need of a circuit breaker replacement service.


Security lighting service installation for the surface of your house is essential.

Your security lighting service options aren’t limited.

Today’s technology offers many choices in your security lighting service.

That’s why it’s essential to settle on professional security lighting service installation from qualified experts.


The right electrician services can add tremendous value to your home with durable and reliable whole-house rewiring.

Whether you’re buying an older home, selling, or just bringing your property up to code, our whole house rewiring experts have the experience and skills to get it done flawlessly and safely.

Installation and Repair for Whole House Wiring.

Our whole house rewiring services offer an extensive range of installation and electrical repair services, including 24-hour emergency calls.


Electricians Vista Ca is the only name for quality you need to know if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, safe, and cost-effective spa wiring installation or repair service.

Our certified electricians are pleased to offer a wide range of electrical services to commercial and residential customers, including pool, whirlpool, and spa wiring installations in Vista and the surrounding area.

The electrician ensures a smooth and safe procedure of the whirlpool installation and has education and experience in thermal and electrical engineering


You are undoubtedly aware of how frustrating it can be when you have to do an electrical circuit troubleshooting problem yourself.

If there is a recurring electrical problem in your home that you cannot fix by electrical circuit troubleshooting alone, please call us at any time. Our electrical services range from electrical circuit troubleshooting to electrical repair.

Our electrical circuit troubleshooting solution not only eliminates the inconvenience of electrical problems but also ensures that your home always behaves as safely as possible.


We provide lighting maintenance services to those seeking lighting maintenance, lighting repair, and lighting installation services outdoor and indoor.

Electricians Vista Ca helps you choose the right LED lighting manufacturer to minimize lighting maintenance services and future problems from the start.

We provide a wide range of lighting maintenance services for businesses, residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


If you want to beautify your home, contact our team for recessed lighting installation in Vista, Ca, and surrounding areas.

The electricians at Electricians Vista Ca can install recessed luminaires in your home, office, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or even bathroom.

Regardless of the type of recessed luminaire chosen, installation requires cutting the existing ceiling and installing a new AFCI circuit breaker and new wiring.


Modernizing electrical maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to mind when doing upgrade electrical service on your home.

Upgrading from 200 amps to 150 amps for a total of 1,000 amps of service will allow you and your electrical company to integrate more devices and more power into the home’s power supply system.

Whether you need to plan to expand your home or plan for future power needs, Electricians Vista Ca is your one-stop-shop for all your electrical services.


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Install A Ceiling Fan
Generator Set
Whole House Generators
Electrical Wiring & Repairs
LED Bulb
Fluorescent Ballasts
Electric Insurance
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All of my clients, residential and commercial, love Electricians Vista Ca, and that I got the possibility to prefer them some more once they re-wired my condo! A lot of buildings have challenges, and therefore the building I reside in is not an exception. The professional and technical aspects were challenging. For instance, running circuits in from the panel within the hallway, for instance, contractors' social and security aspects coming in and out of the building, are also challenging and Electricians Vista Ca aced them. To me, they are quite just the electrical experts that I trust the foremost. They're also the ones that I trust will leave an honest impression on the neighbors, the property manager, and everybody who comes into contact with them. That's true professionalism!
Electricians Vista Ca Customer Testimonial
Alyssa H.
Excellent service! Suddenly amid corona-virus-quarantine, half our electricity went out. They were ready to come almost immediately! They did their job super quick and fixed the matter. We were so relieved and grateful. Very affordable also. 5+ stars, and that I highly recommend Electricians Vista Ca! Also, I would like to imply that they tried to save me money by explaining how to fix the matter over the phone. Still, I even have zero confidence when it involves trouble-shooting electric stuff, so I was entirely happy to acquire their services.
Marcus M.
Electricians Vista Ca are devoted experts. I highly recommend them to anyone within the area trying to find HONEST and professional work. Their stated scope of labor covered everything we would have liked to promote us up to code and have PSE restored on our power after an outage. Unlike other providers that we got quotes from, Electricians Vista Ca didn't attempt to sell us things we didn't need. Their price was tons more competitive as well. We will unquestionably work with them in the future.
Electricians Vista Ca Customer
Erika Y.